Holistic Healing

Ear Seeds are a natural yet powerful & non-invasive form of acupuncture, that can be used to treat modern day ailments.

Accessible Wellness

Ear seeds are easy to apply at home or on-the-go when you need a reset or instant relief.

Rooted in Science

Ear seeds are a tried and tested practice that dates back over 5000 years to bring your mind and body back to balance.

24k gold acupressure ear seeds

What are Ear Seeds?

Ear Seeds are a convenient, needle-free, at-home practice to bring your mind and body back to balance (POINT ZERO).

Our 24K Gold ear seeds stimulate pressure points on your ears to clear energy blockages and promote healing. They are designed to be worn day and night as the ultimate wellness accessories.

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The promise of restoring balance through science backed alternative medicine.