Our Story

Beyond the pandemic, daily life and unexpected events impact our mental, emotional and physical wellbeing. Like others, we had been experiencing some of the daily stressors of modern life: sleep problems, low immunity and increased anxiety and were in search of a holistic approach to regaining our health.  

We turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This ancient healing system had a profound effect on our bodies and our minds. In particular, TCM uses acupuncture and/or acupressure as a way to balance the flow of energy (qi) through the body by stimulating pressure points. Although it may not always provide immediate results, after 2-3 treatments, we found that we were sleeping better, thinking better and had more energy

So we set out to create Point Zero to make TCM more accessible, personalized and convenient for modern life. Point Zero uses this scientifically proven method to offer an easy and affordable solution to healing, designed in a way that fits effortlessly into our lives and we hope yours too. 

Hurriyah & Ayesha