Ear Seeds are used to stimulate pressure points in your ears. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), energy travels along invisible pathways known as meridians. Meridians are found throughout your body, including your ears. 

Ear seeds are placed on certain pressure points, usually along meridian lines, to help clear up any qi (energy) blockages. In TCM, resolving these blockages helps alleviate a variety of health conditions. 

Our treatment boxes address some of the key stressors of daily life. You can choose between: Calm Anxiety, Boost Immunity and Aid Sleep.

Each treatment box includes a treatment card that outlines the relevant points. Simply apply the seeds onto the points to begin healing. 

We advise you keep the seeds on for one week and apply a little bit of pressure to them as and when you remember.



Derived from Traditional Chinese Medicine, these ear seeds heal your mind and body through the art of acupressure.


Simply apply the ear seeds, with a tweezer, to the points indicated on the treatment card. Once on, apply slight pressure to the seeds throughout the day.


An at-home, needleless, non-invasive practice to bring your mind and body back to balance.