Ear seeds for immunity

5 tips to deal with omicron

Ear seeds for immunity

Omicron got me! Two days before New Years Eve, I woke up with a heavy head, body ache and a croaky voice. Sounds a bit like a hangover but felt a lot like covid-19 and I was right. 

A home rapid-flow test confirmed that I had tested positive (after managing to escape covid for the prior 20 months!) Luckily, my symptoms were mild, on the whole but it sure did play a toll on my mental health. Here are my top tips to deal with the novel virus: 


1) Stay calm

It is natural for your mind to go into over-drive thinking about where you could have contracted it, who you might have infected, how bad your symptoms are going to be, how you are going to manage the isolation and what you might be missing out on. It is okay to think about these things but try to limit these thoughts to the first couple of hours and then when they start to creep up again, think of the next best happy thought that comes to mind (e.g. the mental and physical freedom you will feel in 10 days time). If you have the energy, I would recommend putting on some Calm Anxiety Ear Seeds, journaling these thoughts and then shifting your energy by writing a list of a few things that you are grateful for, despite having contracted covid. 

2) Support your immune system 

Even if you already take vitamins, now is the time to up your Vitamin C, Zinc, Vitamin D and probiotics! I was taking 2000mg of Vitamin C a day and 4000mg of Vitamin D. However, it is important to consult a health specialist on the dose that is right for you. Alongside Vitamins, ensure you are keeping hydrated. Coconut water, herbal teas, green juice and hydration salts were my personal go-to's. Our Boost Immunity Ear Seeds are a great additional tool to strengthen your immune defense. 

3)  Consume anti-inflammatory food and drinks 

You will be tempted to reach out for sugary foods and drinks in order to keep your energy levels up and because you probably feel a bit sorry for yourself! However, try and resist (at least after days 1-2). Sugar, gluten and dairy are all inflammatory foods that won't support your healing. When you have the energy, make yourself a turmeric & black pepper latte, ginger & honey tea or some comforting soups! It is important to get enough of the right nutrients but to also enjoy what you are consuming. 

4) Breathing exercises 

After the first few days, or when you feel up to it, try the below breathing exercises:

  • 7 deep breaths followed by 90 seconds of regular breathing (do this 3 times)
  • Alternate nostril breathing (do this for 1 minute)
  • Deep breath in through the nose and out through the mouth (do this for 1 minute)

5) Rest!

Now is your time to SLOW DOWN! Whether its binge watching Netflix from bed (thank you Emily in Paris Season 2), or getting more sleep than you ever have, do it and do it guilt-free. If you have trouble sleeping, try out out Aid Sleep Ear Seeds. It is important to get the best quality sleep in order to let your cells regenerate. 

I hope you find these tips helpful. Every body reacts differently to the virus and whilst the above helped me, we would love to hear what helps you! Comment on our instagram page or send us a DM: @acupointzero

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